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    Air Force Is Cutting Pay for Tough Jobs But Won’t Say Which Roles Are Losing Out

    Air Force Is Cutting Pay for Tough Jobs But Won't Say Which Roles Are Losing Out

    Starting in October, hundreds of airmen and Guardians will no longer qualify for a monetary bonus meant to encourage service members to take on the toughest and most difficult jobs, but the service is declining to make public which jobs will see the cuts.

    Last month, the Department of the announced that a newly formed board reviewed Special Duty Assignment Pay and reduced the number of jobs that qualify for the bonus from 103 to 70 for the upcoming fiscal 2024. But after repeated queries from .com, the department has refused to publicly identify which career fields are no longer eligible for the money.

    The only way to view the revised list of jobs that qualify is to have a login for the Air Force's myForce Support Squadron, or myFSS, a web portal accessible only to service members. That means everyone else, including military families, press outlets and government watchdogs, can't see where the cuts will be.

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    Special Duty Assignment Pay, which can range anywhere from $75 to $450 a month, is meant for those “who serve in duties which are extremely difficult,” according to Air Force budget documents. Many service members chose to take on those jobs because of that extra money while formulating family budgets around the higher pay.

    The Department of the Air Force's choice not to publicly disclose…

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