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    US Military’s Recruiting Woes Are a National Security Crisis

    US Military's Recruiting Woes Are a National Security Crisis

    America's armed services are failing to meet their recruiting goals, with the Army in particular suffering the worst shortfalls in five decades. There are many reasons behind this, but one is very surprising: veterans themselves.

    Recent reporting and anecdotal evidence indicate the likelihood that children of service members will sign up, or be urged to do so by their families, is at a nadir. Given that 80% of new recruits have a relative who served in uniform, there is no understating the crisis.

    When I came out of high school in 1972, the draft had just ended and America was embarking on a great experiment: an all-volunteer . As someone who grew up in the (my father was a career infantry officer in the Marines, retiring as a colonel in 1970 after distinguished combat in and Vietnam), following the family trade was a foregone conclusion. But as I entered the Naval Academy on a hot summer's day half a century ago, it was entirely unclear if the volunteer force would succeed.

    After a bumpy post-draft period, the military was rejuvenated under President Ronald Reagan in early 1980s, becoming the highly successful force that fought the nation's battles from to the Persian Gulf. Yet the foundations of that all-volunteer military feel shakier than they have for decades. What can the Pentagon do about it?

    The first step is to understand why recruiting is down. The biggest factor is probably today's very…

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