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    How 10th Mountain Is Working to Combat Suicide

    How 10th Mountain Is Working to Combat Suicide

    With the Army yet to release a servicewide strategy for combating suicide that was due in the fall of 2021, individual formations have been left to develop their own solutions.

    For the 10th Mountain Division, that has meant creating its own set of web-based tools with a comprehensive list of resources, including contact information for marriage counseling that the division, based out of Drum, York, released in March.

    The tools sound simple but are filling a void left by the lack of direction for the Army as a whole, as young soldiers with no formal training are being tasked with identifying suicide risks and are also expected to intervene. The Army saw a drop in suicides last year, but the issue remains a devastating problem for the , with soldiers dying by suicide far outpacing combat deaths during most of the years of the post-9/11 wars.

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    In 2022, 135 active-duty soldiers died by suicide, down from 175 the previous year, according to Pentagon data.

    Suicide in the military is not typically tied to combat trauma, most research shows. And post-traumatic stress disorder from overseas missions is becoming less common as the wars have winded down. In many cases, the most at-risk population is composed of younger troops, with their suicides often coinciding with financial stress, rocky romantic…

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