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    Congress’ Move to Scrap the ACFT Sparks Outcry from Army Leadership

    Congress' Move to Scrap the ACFT Sparks Outcry from Army Leadership

    If the were a TV show, this would be the end-of-season cliffhanger. Congress is seeking to kill the Army Combat Fitness Test, or , and revert to the service's previous fitness test. A move that, if successful, would surely draw the ire of senior leadership and confusion across the rank and file.

    On Friday, the Senate Armed Services Committee released its draft summary of the must-pass National Defense Authorization Act, or , which sets funding and policy priorities for the Pentagon. The draft directs the Army to restore the previous Army Physical Fitness Test, or APFT. On top of that, it would require the service to develop the test for three years, a move that could sideline graded fitness tests for a soldier's record, with two years for a pilot program and another year to finalize standards.

    “It would be highly not [recommended] going back to the APFT,” Sergeant Major of the Army Michael Grinston told reporters Monday. “I equate this with going from the M4 back to the M16. I think it's unreasonable and, to me, doesn't make any sense.”

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    That draft legislation is far from final, and it faces months of back-and-forth negotiations between the House and Senate, as well as the Army and other stakeholders before a final bill is sent to the president's desk for his signature.

    Army leaders and their staff were not consulted on the…

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