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    Army Cautiously Jabbing Back as GOP Chastises Military as ‘Woke’

    Army Cautiously Jabbing Back as GOP Chastises Military as ‘Woke'

    Once sacrosanct, the has increasingly become a political punching bag in , D.C., but the country's largest service has lately started taking some swings of its own.

    “We are a ready , not a ‘woke' Army,” Army Secretary Christine Wormuth told reporters Tuesday. “What I'm trying to talk about now is how that drip, drip, drip of criticism about a woke military is having some counterproductive effects on recruiting.”

    The services have come under near constant attacks on Capitol Hill over the past year, with Republican lawmakers claiming the military is getting soft due to its embrace of racial minorities, women and + troops. The criticism comes at a particularly sensitive time for the Army, which had its worst recruiting year in decades in 2022.

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    Lawmakers blamed the “woke” policies of the Biden administration. In reality, the recruiting slump has largely been attributable to a relatively healthy civilian job market and difficulty in finding young Americans who meet the academic and body fat standards to join.

    The criticisms became mainstream when Joe Biden became president, though there have been no substantial changes to diversity or equality training in the services since the Trump administration.

    The added burden of political attacks amid tough recruiting times has caused frustration among Army…

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