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    Florida Center Says ‘Grey Team’ Technology, Exercise Help Veterans Overcome PTSD and Other Ailments

    Florida Center Says ‘Grey Team' Technology, Exercise Help Veterans Overcome PTSD and Other Ailments

    BOCA RATON, Fla. (AP) — Before Fred Kalfon began exercising at the Grey Team veterans center a couple months ago, the 81-year-old rarely left his Florida home.

    Parkinson's disease, an inner ear disorder and other neurological problems, all likely caused by the vet's exposure to the infamous defoliant Agent Orange, made it difficult for him to move. His post-traumatic stress disorder, centering on the execution of a woman who helped his platoon, was at its worst.

    Treatment through the federal Department of Veterans Affairs didn't work, he said.

    “I felt stupid the way I walk around and stumble,” said Kalfon, who led a medical aid unit as a first lieutenant in 1964-65. “I was depressed.”

    But after months in a veteran-specialized gym and recovery program, the retired pharmaceutical researcher and sales manager is socializing and has thrown aside his walker for a cane.

    He's among the latest of 700 veterans of all ages working with the Grey Team, a 7-year-old organization combining personalized workouts, camaraderie, community outings and an array of machines in a 90-day program targeted at improving physical and mental health.

    “It's the machines, sure. It's the therapy you are taking. It's the (staff's) encouragement — they are there all the time for you. They are caring. Caring makes a difference,” Kalfon said.

    The nonprofit center, located in a converted warehouse in Boca Raton, Florida,…

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