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    USS Daniel Inouye Warship Prepares for First Deployment

    USS Daniel Inouye Warship Prepares for First Deployment

    The Daniel Inouye, the Pearl -­based warship named for the late Hawaii senator and war hero, is gearing up for its first deployment amid a tide of geopolitical tensions and uncertainty. For the ship's crew of 320 sailors, it's about more than just sailing a ship through the Pacific. The namesake of the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer is a figure that looms large in Hawaii's history.

    Inouye lost his arm fighting against the Nazis in  as a member of the 's 442nd Infantry Regiment — for which he later received the Medal of Honor — before pursuing a career in politics that would both shape the future of the islands and make him a powerful force in American national politics. More than a decade after his death, his legacy has touched nearly every aspect of life in Hawaii.

    “Throughout these islands, he's everywhere,” said Cmdr. Kevin Dore, the ship's captain. “As we've met the community and understood just the impact that he's had, to be given the opportunity to now represent that legacy carrying forward is a distinct honor.”

    The construction of the $1.5 billion USS Daniel Ino­uye began in 2018 and it was christened in a 2019 ceremony at the Bath Iron Works in Maine. Before sailing to Hawaii, the Ino­uye family Bible and other heirlooms gifted by the family were placed in a box aboard the 509-foot warship. But it ultimately took longer than expected for the USS Daniel Inouye to…

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