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    Navy Wants to Remove 3 Pipelines at Red Hill Fuel Facility

    Navy Wants to Remove 3 Pipelines at Red Hill Fuel Facility

    The Navy announced Wednesday it wants to dismantle the pipelines connecting the massive fuel tanks at its underground Red Hill facility to Pearl .

    The Navy submitted a supplement to the state Department of Health for the under-review Red Hill Tank Closure that calls for the three pipelines to be removed as part of a three-year closure plan that will take place after the defueling of the tanks — a process the now says is set to conclude in January.

    The Red Hill tanks store about 104 million gallons of fuel and sit just 100 feet above a critical aquifer that most of Oahu relies on for clean drinking water. For years, the Board of Water Supply and environmental groups warned that the tanks posed a serious threat to the island's water supply.

    In November 2021, fuel from the facility contaminated the Navy's Oahu water supply, which serves 93,000 people — including service members, military families and civilians living in former military housing areas such as the Kapilina beach homes. Amid mounting pressure and after months of resisting a state emergency order to drain the tanks, the Pentagon announced in March 2022 that it would permanently shutter the facility.

    However, as part of the shutdown, the Navy has pursued a controversial campaign of soliciting ideas from the community for “beneficial reuse” of the tanks, though military officials have insisted they will never be reused for fuel. But…

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