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    Army Secretary to Remind Commanders They Can’t Deny Soldiers’ Parental Leave

    Army Secretary to Remind Commanders They Can't Deny Soldiers' Parental Leave

    Secretary Christine Wormuth plans to issue a servicewide reminder that soldiers are broadly entitled to parental leave and that the time off can be denied only by a general, according to an unsigned draft copy of the memo reviewed by .com.

    The memo comes after in recent months interviewed two soldiers who say their unit broke service rules by denying their parental leave or otherwise making it difficult, or having them jump through unnecessary hoops when the leave is effectively guaranteed. Other soldiers have also raised similar complaints on social media in recent weeks.

    Company-level Army leadership has virtually no authority over whether new parents can take the 12 weeks of leave.

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    In both situations, the two soldiers who spoke to had to go back and forth with leadership they say did not understand the policy. Commanders or noncommissioned officers forced the soldiers to delay the leave or break it into shorter portions so they could still participate in training or other duties, the soldiers said.

    One spouse of a soldier told in April that they “would not have challenged” their command's decision to withhold or significantly delay parental leave “due to a fear of retaliation.”

    The spouse said the soldier was prepared to accept whatever the service offered, whether it was…

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