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    A Taxed National Guard Braces for Hurricane and Fire Season

    A Taxed National Guard Braces for Hurricane and Fire Season

    National Guard officials are gearing up for what they anticipate will be a hectic year mobilizing troops for disaster responses. Right now, more than 8,000 service members are deployed supporting domestic missions within the United States as storms and wildfires become more powerful and frequent due to climate change.

    The bulk of those thousands of soldiers are National Guardsmen, many of whom are already combating wildfires in California and and preparing for Super Typhoon Mawar, a massive storm that local officials say will be “catastrophic” and is expected to smash into .

    Guard officials held a press conference Tuesday in which senior officers updated the press on issues facing the , with preparation for natural disasters taking center stage. The issue has become central to the Guard's mission.

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    “Planning and preparing for disruptions to critical infrastructure from hostile actors or climate change is key to developing resilience in the homeland,” Gen. Daniel Hokanson, the National Guard's top officer, said last year.

    On Tuesday, officials said calls to the Guard for help are only growing.

    “The demand for the Guard for domestic activities has increased. It's safe to say that, in the post-Katrina environment, the goal is to not be late,” Brig. Gen. Jonathan Beddall, who oversees the Guard's domestic response missions,…

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