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    Air Force One Doubles as a Campaign Jet for Biden’s Reelection Run. Who Pays What?

    Air Force One Doubles as a Campaign Jet for Biden's Reelection Run. Who Pays What?

    — When Joe Biden was running for president three years ago, he flew on a white private jet with his campaign logo painted on the side.

    Now he has a larger, more recognizable ride as he seeks a second term. Like his predecessors, he'll be crisscrossing the country on Air Force One.

    Every president blends their governmental and political duties, but never more than when they're running for reelection. “Official” events can sound especially political, while “political” events can delve deeply into the policy initiatives of the day. And decisions on how to divvy up the costs of a president's travels between taxpayers and the campaign is no simple task.

    Biden made one such trip this week, his first since formally announcing his campaign, when he spoke about his economic agenda at an official event north of before heading to Manhattan for a pair of fundraisers.

    “I'm determined to finish the job,” Biden said to about two dozen donors in an Upper East Side townhouse. Then Biden zipped over to a Fifth Avenue apartment, where more wealthy supporters sat on couches and chairs in a grand living room surrounded by artwork.

    “I want to thank everyone here for the help,” he said. “Without you guys, I wouldn't be standing here.”

    The massive logistical and security apparatus that surrounds a president continues no matter where they are or whether they're on government or political business. Even mundane trips…

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