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    Retirees Forced to Repay Money After Navy Software Glitch

    Retirees Forced to Repay Money After Navy Software Glitch

    The Navy has acknowledged that a software issue last winter led to issues for more than 1,200 of its retirees who are now having to repay money to the government.

    “A software issue associated with transmitting total creditable service for retirement or retainer pay resulted in some Navy retirees and members of the Fleet Reserve having incorrect service time calculated,” Cullen James, a spokesman for the Navy Personnel Command, told .com in an email.

    “There are 1,283 retirees impacted who have received overpayments,” James added.

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    The Navy says that it became aware of the problem in November 2022 and deployed a fix to correct the issue for the affected sailors — as well as to keep it from cropping up in the future.

    Navy Times was the first to report on the pay snafu Monday.

    While the sea service says that the Defense Finance and Accounting Service — the agency that is responsible for paying all employees of the Department of Defense — sent out notices to the affected sailors on March 30, 2023, there has not been any public post or acknowledgment of the issue.

    James explained that this outreach included “notifying [the retirees] of the overpayment and corrective measures underway to correct their retirement or retainer pay.”

    The incident comes just as the Navy has begun to recover from its last major issue with pay and paperwork systems, which became…

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