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    Brigadiers and above to have common uniform

    IN A move that seeks to establish a common identity for the 's senior leadership, all officers of the rank of Brigadier and above will wear a common uniform from August 1 this year, irrespective of their parent cadre and appointment.

    This ends the long-standing practice of officers donning different uniform and accoutrements reflecting various arms, regiments and services in the Army. For instance, officers of the parachute regiment wear a maroon beret, while those from the infantry, armoured corps, combat support arms and services wear green, black and blue berets, respectively.

    Similarly, officers of rifle regiments such as Gorkha Rifles and Rajputana Rifles wear black rank badges and buttons, while others wear brass-coloured rank badges and buttons. The belts also vary and carry insignia of specific regiments that the officers belong to.

    Defence sources said the latest change entails that the headgears, shoulder rank badges, gorget patches (worn on collars), belts and shoes of senior officers of flag rank (Brigadier and above) will now be standardised and common. These officers will not wear any lanyard and pouch belt once the change is implemented.

    Sources told The Indian Express that the common uniform will comprise dark olive green beret, single-piece belt with the Indian Army insignia on the buckle, and brass rank badges without backing. The officers are also likely to wear a black peak cap as part of their ceremonial dress, instead of hats donned by…

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