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    Russia Says Bomber who Injured Novelist Acted for Ukraine

    Russia Says Bomber who Injured Novelist Acted for Ukraine

    TALLINN, Estonia (AP) — 's top investigative agency on Saturday said the suspect in a car bombing that injured a prominent -Kremlin novelist and killed his driver has admitted acting at the behest of 's special services.

    The blast that hit the car of Zakhar Prilepin, a well-known nationalist writer and an ardent supporter of Russia's war in Ukraine, was the third explosion involving prominent pro-Kremlin figures since the start of the conflict.

    It took place in the region of Nizhny Novgorod, about 400 kilometers (250 miles) east of Moscow. Prilepin was hospitalized with broken bones, bruised lungs and other injuries; the regional governor said he had been put into a “medical sleep,” but did not elaborate.

    Russia's Investigative Committee said the suspect was a Ukrainian native and had admitted under questioning that he was working under orders from Ukraine.

    The Foreign Ministry in turn blamed not only Ukraine but the United States as well.

    “Responsibility for this and other terrorist acts lies not only with the Ukrainian authorities, but with their Western patrons, in the first place, the United States, who since the coup d'etat of February 2014 have painstakingly nurtured the anti-Russian neo-Nazi project in Ukraine,” the ministry said, referring to the 2014 uprising in that forced the Russia-friendly president to flee.

    In August 2022, a car bombing on the outskirts of Moscow…

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