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    British Navy Seizes Iran Missiles, Parts Likely Yemen Bound

    British Navy Seizes Iran Missiles, Parts Likely Yemen Bound

    DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — The British navy seized anti-tank missiles and fins for ballistic missile assemblies during a raid on a small boat heading from likely to , authorities said Thursday, the latest such seizure in the Gulf of Oman.

    The seizure by the Royal Navy comes after other seizures by French and U.S. forces in the region as Western powers increase their pressure on Iran, as it now enriches uranium closer than ever to weapons-grade levels. It also comes as regional and international powers try to find an end to the yearslong war gripping Yemen, the Arab world's poorest country, and as Iran arms in its war on Ukraine.

    The raid took place Feb. 23 after an American aircraft detected a small motorboat with cargo covered by a gray tarp heading from Iran, with a helicopter from the Royal Navy frigate Lancaster chasing the vessel as it ignored being hailed by radio, the British Defense Ministry said. The boat tried to reenter Iranian territorial water, but was stopped before it could.

    Inside the boat, British troops found Russian 9M133 Kornet anti-tank guided missiles, known in Iran as “Dehlavieh,” the U.S. Navy's Mideast-based 5th Fleet and the British navy said. Those weapons have been seen in other seizures suspected to be from Iran and bound for Yemen.

    Also on board were small fins that the U.S. Navy identified as jet vanes for medium-range ballistic missiles. Also on board were…

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