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    The Navy’s Top Enlisted Sailor Is Ready for You to Ask Him Anything

    The Navy's Top Enlisted Sailor Is Ready for You to Ask Him Anything

    When Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy James Honea took office last September, he promised to focus on the needs of sailors and their families.

    Sailors immediately voiced skepticism online.

    “The man has been a Master Chief longer than I've been in the Navy, and joined the Navy before I was born,” one person wrote on the service's Reddit page. “This man has no idea what issues his junior enlisted face.”

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    Others comments were more colorful and in keeping with the Navy's tradition of rough-talking sailors.

    But Honea, the service's top enlisted leader, and his small team of chief petty officers have taken to using the same online forums that pilloried his early comments to reach out to sailors and offer fixes.

    When one sailor posted images of a moldy and cockroach-infested barracks room in mid-January, the team from Honea's office reached out to the sailor to offer help and said that Honea had “contacted leadership to discuss this situation,” adding that “he was very disappointed with what was depicted.”

    They've worked on the backlogs of discharge documents — an issue that has been plaguing sailors for months — among other problems that have been looming over service chatrooms for years.

    Honea and his staff, in interviews with .com earlier this month, said they are keen on delivering a message: They are here to listen…

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