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    US Navy Applies Lessons from Costly Shipbuilding Mistakes

    US Navy Applies Lessons from Costly Shipbuilding Mistakes

    BATH, Maine — The U.S. Navy appears to have learned from its costly lessons after cramming too much technology onto warships and speeding them into production as it embarks on building new destroyers that are the backbone of the fleet.

    officials say they're slowing down the design and purchase of its next-generation destroyers to ensure new technology like powerful lasers and hypersonic missiles are mature before pressing ahead on construction.

    The Navy has learned “sometimes the hard way, when we move too fast we make big mistakes,” said Adm. Michael Gilday, chief of naval operations.

    “Let's be deliberate. Let's not have our eyes become bigger than our stomach and get too far ahead of ourselves,” Gilday said last week at an event for defense industry officials in .

    The Navy wants to turn the page on recent shipbuilding blunders.

    Several newer combat ships designed for speed are being retired early after being beset by problems. A $13.3 billion aircraft carrier experienced added costs from new catapults that launch airplanes. Workers completed construction of a stealth destroyer before its advanced gun system, already installed, was scrapped.

    For the new ship, the Navy is reducing risk by conducting more land tests and borrowing the radar and targeting system from the latest destroyers that'll soon join the fleet, said Lt. Cmdr. Javan Rasnake, spokesman for the assistant secretary of…

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