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    Marine Scout Sniper Veteran Gets ‘Naked and Afraid’

    Marine Scout Sniper Veteran Gets ‘Naked and Afraid'

    The Discovery Channel has forged a long-running success with the reality series “Naked and Afraid,” which is celebrating its 10th year on the network and is approaching 200 episodes. The show features two survivalists who first meet when they're tasked with spending 21 days in the wilderness with only one tool of their choice.

    Of course, the twist here is that both survivalists are naked. And the conditions are supposed to strike fear in their hearts.

    For the 15th season, the producers recruited Justin Governale, a former Marine Corps scout sniper who was awarded a Purple Heart during his service. Governale is now a standup comic, MMA fighter, dog-rescue advocate and writer for the military website Coffee or Die Magazine. He's based in San Antonio.

    Governale's episode is set to on Sunday, Feb. 26, 2023, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on the Discovery Channel and will be available to stream the same day on the Discovery+ app.

    He's paired with Kami Elsisie, a paramedic from Albuquerque, Mexico. The two of them meet up in the brutal caiman-infested jungle of Rupununi, Guyana. Caimans are relatives of alligators, are smaller and have pointier teeth. We had to look that up. Guyana is on the northeast coast of South America, sandwiched between , Brazil and Suriname.

    We've got a clip of Governale from his episode. He says he hasn't eaten in four days and has just caught a catfish and a piranha with his bare hands….

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