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    The Journey of Bringing Fallen Americans Home from Ukraine

    The Journey of Bringing Fallen Americans Home from Ukraine

    Pete Reed was dressed in a Hawaiian shirt, one of his favorites, when he and his wife were finally reunited in early February. Volunteers had done their best to clean up the Marine veteran, 33, who had been providing medical aid in the eastern Donetsk region of when his ambulance was struck by Russian munitions.

    Reed's head had been gently wrapped in towels. He was draped in gold foil blankets, the kind usually handed out after disasters or at the end of marathons to keep people warm.

    Standing over her husband at a morgue in Ukraine, Alex Kay Potter knew she'd been lucky. Two volunteers — one a fellow Marine — had gone in to retrieve Reed's body after the area of the ambulance strike had been cleared, a kindness that would help her bring his remains home quicker.

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    Potter had been to conflict zones before, having met and fallen in love with Reed in Northern years prior where he was providing casualty care to Iraqi and Kurdish forces while she reported on the war against the Islamic State. But this time, her purpose was different as she began the arduous process of trying to get Reed's body out of war-ravaged Ukraine.

    Reed is the most recent of seven Americans known to have been killed fighting in Ukraine since the Feb. 24, 2022, invasion by . Although the U.S. isn't officially involved in fighting in the conflict, the…

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