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    Iran Acknowledges Accusation It Enriched Uranium to 84%

    Iran Acknowledges Accusation It Enriched Uranium to 84%

    DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — on Thursday directly acknowledged an accusation attributed to international inspectors that it enriched uranium to 84% purity for the first time, which would put the Islamic Republic closer than ever to weapons-grade material.

    The acknowledgement by a news website linked to the highest reaches of Iran's theocracy renews pressure on the West to address Tehran's program, which had been contained by the 2015 nuclear deal that America unilaterally withdrew from in 2018. Years of attacks across the Middle East have followed.

    Already Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who recently regained his country's premiership, is threatening to take action similar to when Israel previously bombed nuclear programs in and . But while those attacks saw no war erupt, Iran has an arsenal of ballistic missiles, drones and other weaponry it and its allies already have used in the region.

    The acknowledgment Thursday came from Iran's Nour News, a website linked to Iran's Supreme National Security Council, overseen by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Nour News separately is sanctioned by Canada for having “participated in gross and systematic human rights violations and perpetuated disinformation activities to justify the Iranian regime's repression and persecution of its citizens” amid nationwide protests there.

    The comments by Nour News follow days of muddled comments by Iran…

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