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    Fuel Spill on Sacred Hawaiian Volcano ‘Harmed Our Reputation,’ Air Force Secretary Says

    Fuel Spill on Sacred Hawaiian Volcano ‘Harmed Our Reputation,' Air Force Secretary Says

    An incident earlier this month in which 700 gallons of fuel were spilled at a Space observatory nestled atop a sacred Hawaiian volcano not only harmed the local community but also the Department of the Force's reputation, Secretary Frank Kendall said Wednesday.

    Kendall made the nearly 5,000-mile trip from , D.C., to discuss cleanup plans after a generator failure late last month leaked diesel fuel at the Maui Space Surveillance Complex, located on the 10,023-foot summit of Haleakalā — a culturally and religiously significant site for native Hawaiians, according to the National Park Service.

    “This incident hurts the environment. It harmed our reputation, calls into question the trust placed on us by our local communities,” Kendall said during a press conference. “To be clear, I apologize for what has happened, and this department will put our full, sustained effort in repairing what has been done.”

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    Even though weeks have passed since the Jan. 29 spill, the Air Force and Space Force still don't have a sense of how much damage has been caused to the environment on Haleakalā. Part of that delay is tied to the process of creating a that takes into account the cultural and religious significance of the soil, and communicating a plan to local agencies and groups for how to excavate the dirt.

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