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    North Korea Calls UN Chief’s Remarks on Missile Test ‘Unfair’

    North Korea Calls UN Chief's Remarks on Missile Test ‘Unfair'

    , South — North Korea on Wednesday accused U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres of “an extremely unfair and imbalanced attitude,” as it lambasted him for condemning its recent missile test but ignoring alleged U.S. hostility against the North.

    The accusation came as U.S., South Korean and Japanese destroyers were holding trilateral anti-missile training near the Korean Peninsula, a move the North could regard as a provocation.

    After the North's intercontinental ballistic missile test on Saturday, Guterres strongly condemned the launch and reiterated his call for the North to immediately desist from making any further provocations. In a statement, Guterres also urged North Korea to resume talks on denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

    “To be most deplorable, the U.N. secretary-general is going on the rampage of illogical and miserable remarks, which are little different from those of U.S. State Department officials over the years,” Kim Son Gyong, the North's vice foreign minister for international bodies, said in a statement carried by state media.

    Kim said North Korea's test was a response to the security threat the U.S. posed to the North by temporarily deploying long-range bombers for training with South Korea earlier this year. Kim said the test was also a warning to the earlier convocation of the U.N. Security Council on the North.

    North Korea views U.S.-South Korea military…

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