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    The Air Force Built One of the World’s Fastest Computers Out of PlayStations

    The Air Force Built One of the World's Fastest Computers Out of PlayStations

    When the PlayStation 2 was first released to the public, it was said the computer inside was so powerful, it could be used to launch nuclear weapons. It was a stunning comparison. In response, Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein opted to try and buy up thousands of the gaming consoles, so many that the U.S. government had to impose export restrictions.

    But it seems Saddam gave the an idea: building a supercomputer from many PlayStations.

    Just 10 years after Saddam tried to take over the world using thousands of gaming consoles, the United States Air Force took over the role of mad computer scientist and created the world's 33rd-fastest computer inside its own Air Force Research Laboratory.

    Only instead of PlayStation 2, the Air Force used 1,760 Sony PlayStation 3 consoles. They called it the “Condor Cluster,” and it was the Department of Defense's fastest computer.

    The put the computer in , New York, near Syracuse, and intended to use the computer for radar enhancement, pattern recognition, satellite imagery processing and artificial intelligence research for current and future Air Force projects and operations.

    Processing imagery is the computer's primary function, and it performs that function miraculously well. It can analyze ultra-high-resolution images very quickly, at a rate of billions of pixels per minute. But why use PlayStation consoles instead of an actual computer or other proprietary technology?…

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