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    More Changes Brewing for Embattled Army Fitness Test

    More Changes Brewing for Embattled Army Fitness Test

    Changes are coming to the Combat Fitness Test, as the service looks to comply with a law mandating it create a gender-neutral assessment by June, a continuation of the struggle over the test that was finally rolled out in October following years of delays.

    Sgt. Major Michael Grinston, during an event hosted by the Association of the United States Army on Tuesday, said the service is weighing whether to use a gender-neutral version of the with a higher standard for combat arms soldiers, or repurpose physical tests currently required for expert badges.

    “Here's what it is and draw a line — or do we do a separate test?” he said.

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    The changes are still being formulated, with some of the uncertainty driven by two competing congressional requirements built into last year's annual defense policy bill to “establish gender-neutral fitness standards for combat [jobs] that are higher than those for non-combat [jobs],” while also creating gender-neutral standards for all soldiers.

    Grinston also said Tuesday that the service is moving forward with a change to its body fat standards that would create waivers for soldiers who score highly on the Army Combat Fitness Test, or ACFT.

    The ACFT was originally intended to be gender-neutral, but the Army reversed course after early test data, first reported by .com in 2021, showed that…

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