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    Lawmakers Want to Restore Gun Rights to Some Disabled Veterans

    Lawmakers Want to Restore Gun Rights to Some Disabled Veterans

    Fifty House Republicans have resurrected a bill that would allow some veterans considered to be mentally disabled to buy and own firearms, saying a Department of Veterans Affairs policy unfairly strips them of their Second Amendment rights.

    Rep. Mike Bost, R-Ill., chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, introduced legislation Thursday that would bar the VA from reporting certain veterans to the 's national background check database without first getting a judge's consent.

    The bill, the Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act, or H.R. 705, would add a step to the VA's process of reporting information to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System on veterans who receive help managing their finances and benefits.

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    By law, veterans who are incapable of overseeing their own bills may be assigned a fiduciary who manages a veteran's financial affairs — assistance the VA reports to the background check system as a disability that may preclude the veteran from purchasing a firearm.

    Bost said VA staff's ability to decide that a veteran who can't manage their bills is a danger to themselves or society is a form of discrimination that he argues may actually hurt a veteran by preventing them from seeking care and benefits from the VA.

    “No VA bureaucrat should have the ability to instantly strip a veteran of…

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