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    Navy Ends ‘Gruesome’ Testing on Sheep After PETA Protests

    Navy Ends ‘Gruesome’ Testing on Sheep After PETA Protests

    An animal rights group says that it has successfully lobbied the Navy to end a pair of studies that involved subjecting sheep to conditions that simulated surfacing quickly from a great depth, causing them pain and sometimes leaving the animals paralyzed or dead.

    Representatives from the group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, say that their campaign of letter writing, protests and legal action has put an end to a series of experiments at the University of Wisconsin's Madison campus that were billed as studying ways of rescuing sailors trapped in sunken submarines.

    “These tests are scientifically worthless and fall far short of international standards,” Shalin Gala, a vice president with the group, told .com earlier in January, before adding that both and the U.K. scrapped their respective naval animal testing programs long before the U.S. Navy.

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    Gala called the experiments, which involve putting sheep in chambers that simulate both the pressure one would experience at depth as well as surfacing, “gruesome” and “useless.”

    The experiments largely revolved around inflicting decompression sickness on the animals by pressurizing the chamber and then rapidly depressurizing it in order to cause nitrogen bubbles to form in the sheep's blood.

    The condition is commonly known as “the…

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