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    Feds Drop Lobbying Probe of Retired General, Lawyer Says

    Feds Drop Lobbying Probe of Retired General, Lawyer Says

    — The Justice Department has dropped its probe of retired four-star Gen. John Allen for his role in an alleged illegal foreign lobbying campaign on behalf of the wealthy Persian Gulf nation of , his lawyer told The Associated Press.

    Attorney David Schertler said in a statement Tuesday that the Justice Department had informed him that it was closing its investigation of Allen and no charges would be filed. The Justice Department declined to comment but a law enforcement official familiar with the inquiry who wasn't authorized to speak publicly confirmed the decision on condition of anonymity.

    The AP first reported last June that the had outlined a potential criminal case against Allen in a confidential search warrant application that appeared to have been filed in error on a federal courts website. Days later, the former Marine general who oversaw U.S. and forces in Afghanistan resigned as head of the influential Brookings Institution think tank.

    Schertler said it was “deeply unfortunate” and “unfair” that the public release of the FBI's confidential document had damaged Allen's reputation and livelihood. A Brookings spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

    The 77-page document detailed Allen's behind-the scenes efforts to help qatar influence U.S. policy in June 2017 when a diplomatic crisis erupted between the gas-rich monarchy and its neighbors. That…

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