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    New Defense Health Director Pledges to Focus on Patients as ‘Human Beings’

    New Defense Health Director Pledges to Focus on Patients as ‘Human Beings’

    As the Army's deputy surgeon general, Lt. Gen. Telita Crosland managed the deployment of U.S. personnel to field hospitals, civilian medical centers, parking lots and public buildings nationwide to help combat the -19 pandemic.

    And in the midst of that global health crisis, she was handed the task of overseeing health care for evacuees from Afghanistan, working with the departments of State and Health and Human Services to care for thousands while providing medical care that ranged from delivering babies to treating measles.

    All this, while unexpectedly raising her son as a single mom, having lost her husband before lockdown in 2020.

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    “It was a sporty three years, to say the least,” Crosland said during an interview with reporters before her promotion to lieutenant general on Jan. 20. “I'm just extremely proud of the team, the entire military health system team. That's the Army, the Navy, the Force, Coast Guard, the Department of Defense, public health, all the medical entities in the United States came together.”

    As of Jan. 3, Crosland is the director of the Defense Health Agency, responsible for the health care of 9.6 million patients in the military health system, including Department of Defense hospitals and clinics and the Tricare health program.

    She said her experience working with…

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