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    Marines Roll Out Expanded Parental Leave Policy

    Marines Roll Out Expanded Parental Leave Policy

    The Marine Corps rolled out its version of the expanded family leave policy on Monday, enabling Marines who have recently brought a child into their lives to take 12 weeks of leave.

    The policy, announced in an administrative message, “expands authorized leave to 12 weeks for parents following child birth, a qualifying adoption of a minor child, or the placement of a minor child for adoption or long-term foster care” and notes that this period applies to parents regardless of gender.

    The Corps' version of the policy does not substantially differ from any of the other branches as it allows Marines to take the extended time off to be with their child. The message also notes that the policy takes place immediately but applies to Marines who welcomed a child after Dec. 26, 2022.

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    Like the other branches, this policy expands the parental leave benefit to not only include the non-birth parent but also what events — like fostering — qualify a service member for the benefit.

    While seen by military family advocates as a step forward for troops, the policy arrives almost a month late. The requirement for the new benefits was written into law by Congress in December 2021 with the passage of the annual National Defense Authorization Act. However, despite promises from the Pentagon that the overall policy…

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