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    EU Official: Russia Shifts War Focus to ‘NATO and the West’

    EU Official: Russia Shifts War Focus to ‘NATO and the West’

    — A senior EU official said Friday that has taken its war against to “a different stage” by making indiscriminate attacks on civilians and non-military targets, while criticizing Moscow for triggering recent moves by Germany and the United States to send advanced tanks to Ukraine.

    Stefano Sannino, Secretary General of the European Union's European External Action Service, defended German and U.S. provisions of the military equipment to Ukraine, and criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin for waging a war on NATO and the West.

    Sannino, speaking at a news conference in Tokyo as part of an -Pacific tour, said Putin had “moved from a concept of special operation to a concept now of a war against NATO and the West.”

    He said German and U.S. tank provisions are meant to help Ukrainians defend themselves in the war, rather than making them attackers.

    “I think that this latest development in terms of armed supply is just an evolution of the situation and of the way Russia started moving the war into a different stage,” Sannino said. He added that Russia is making “indiscriminate attacks” on civilians and cities and no longer military targets.

    The EU is not moving the war into a different stage but is “just giving the possibility of saving lives and allowing the Ukrainians to defend (themselves) from these barbaric attacks,” Sannino said.

    Germany and the U.S. announced…

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