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    US to Send 31 M1 Abrams Tanks to Ukraine, Despite Concerns

    US to Send 31 M1 Abrams Tanks to Ukraine, Despite Concerns

    — President Joe Biden announced Wednesday that the U.S. will send 31 M1 Abrams battle tanks to , reversing months of persistent arguments that the tanks were too difficult for Ukrainian troops to operate and maintain.

    The U.S. decision came on the heels of agreeing to send 14 Leopard 2 A6 tanks from its own stocks. Germany had said the Leopards would not be sent unless the U.S. put its Abrams on the table, not wanting to incur 's wrath without the U.S. similarly committing its own tanks.

    Biden said that in total European allies have agreed to send enough tanks to equip two Ukrainian tank battalions, or a total of 62 tanks.

    “With spring approaching, Ukrainian forces are working to defend the territory they hold and preparing for additional counter offenses,” Biden said in his announcement of his decision to send the tanks. “To liberate their land, they need to be able to counter Russia's evolving tactics and strategy on the battlefield in the very near term.”

    The announcement ends a standoff between Germany and the United States. Biden administration officials on Wednesday sought to downplay any friction between the two countries as both unveiled their plans.

    Both sides had participated in “good diplomatic conversations” that had made the difference and were part of the “extraordinary shift in Germany's security policy” over providing weapons to Ukraine since Russia…

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