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    Envoy Says Taiwan Learns From Ukraine War

    Envoy Says Taiwan Learns From Ukraine War

    WASHINGTON (AP) — has learned important lessons from Ukraine's war that would help it deter any attack by China or defend itself if invaded, the self-ruled island's top envoy to the U.S. said in an interview Friday with The Associated Press.

    Among the lessons: Do more to prepare reservists and also civilians for the kind of all-of-society fight that Ukrainians are waging against Russia.

    “Everything we're doing now is to prevent the pain and suffering of the tragedy of Ukraine from being repeated in our scenario in Taiwan,” said Bi-khim Hsiao, Taiwan's representative in Washington.

    “So ultimately, we seek to deter the use of military . But in a worst-case scenario, we understand that we have to be better prepared,” Hsiao said.

    Hsiao spoke at the quiet, more than 130-year-old hilltop mansion that Taiwan uses for official functions in Washington. She talked on a range of Taiwan-US military, diplomatic and trade relations issues shaped by intensifying rivalries with China.

    No Taiwanese flag flew over the building, reflecting Taiwan's in-between status as a U.S. ally that nonetheless lacks full U.S. diplomatic recognition. The U.S. withdrew that in 1979, on the same day it recognized as the sole government of China.

    The interview came after a year of higher tensions with China, including the Chinese launching ballistic missiles over Taiwan and temporarily suspending most…

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