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    Some Space Force Guardians Won’t Have to Take a Fitness Test This Year

    Some Space Force Guardians Won’t Have to Take a Fitness Test This Year

    Space Guardians will not be required to take a fitness assessment in 2023 if they took one in 2022, part of the newest service branch working out the kinks in its own health and wellness program after using the Force's for the past few years.

    Last year, the service, which is under the Department of the Air Force, issued a sort of placeholder diagnostic physical fitness test that was not graded and had no punishments for poor performance. Now, as Guardians await formal guidance on their own service-specific , they will not be required to do another test.

    Maj. Tanya Downsworth, a Department of the Air Force spokeswoman, told .com in an Thursday email that “the diagnostic physical fitness test Guardians took in 2022 still fulfills their fitness assessment requirement” for 2023.

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    However, Guardians who recently joined the force will still be required to complete the Air Force's physical fitness assessment within the first six months of arriving at their duty station, according to existing Department of the Air Force administrative guidance issued in 2020.

    Last year, Space Force leaders promised to implement a revolutionary fitness program called the Holistic Health Assessment, which would use fitness wearables — similar to Apple Watches or Fitbits — to help track exercise, diet and sleep instead of using a physical…

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