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    The Navy Confiscated a Camera During ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Filming

    The Navy Confiscated a Camera During ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Filming

    Now that the box-office cash has been counted and the movie has landed on home video and streaming, we're starting to hear a few stories about the behind-the-scenes drama during the making of “Top Gun: Maverick” way back in 2018.

    Director Joseph Kosinski is making the rounds with Hollywood media as the movie garners attention during awards season. After a year of extremely disciplined, on-message communications about the movie, things are getting a bit looser and everyone's telling some interesting stories.

    Kosinki told Deadline about his experiences with the Navy and his love of flying. “I had a huge love of aviation growing up,” he said. “I was building model airplanes, really complex radio-controlled airplanes and flying them around. The first thing I did after getting this job was, I flew out to the Teddy Roosevelt aircraft carrier. I jumped on a Greyhound, which is not the fast jet, but I did get to fly out there and catch the cable, and then I got the catapult launch off the jet.”

    After hanging around the Navy for a couple of years, the director has even started using lingo. “When you're directing the film, you kind of get to become a ‘subject matter expert,' which is the Navy term — the SME — on any subject you want. So, I got to that dream of being in the Navy for a couple years. I got to go to places that civilians don't get to go to. I got to see things that no civilian would get to see.”


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