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    The Army’s Long-Awaited New Pay and HR System Is Here

    The Army’s Long-Awaited New Pay and HR System Is Here

    The on Tuesday launched its long-awaited human resources platform service-wide after spending more than half a billion dollars to create the system and facing years of delays.

    The Integrated Personnel and Pay System-Army, or IPPS-A, is now across the entire service, according to a spokesperson, though some soldiers are seemingly experiencing connectivity and other technical issues. Some records might also not be fully updated, and soldiers are encouraged to review their personnel files for discrepancies or missing information, according to an internal memo reviewed by .com.

    IPPS-A has effectively been in development for roughly a decade and has cost nearly $600 million to develop. The system consolidates key personnel records for a soldier and their unit to access, and aims to modernize the Army's aging online infrastructure.

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    “This is their pay; this is their promotion,” Lt. Gen. Douglas Stitt, who oversees Army personnel policy, told reporters during a press conference last week. “Those are huge, and we don't want to screw this up.”

    The service-wide release comes after multiple delays, with the unified HR platform originally set to launch at the end of 2021. It has been in use in the Army National Guard as a sort of test phase since March 2020.

    Those delays were due to technical issues in the midst of…

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