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    Navy Training Plane Crashes in Alabama; Pilots Eject

    Navy Training Plane Crashes in Alabama; Pilots Eject

    A Navy training plane with two pilots aboard crashed near Foley, Alabama, the sea service confirmed in a statement Tuesday.

    Lt. John Lobkowicz, a spokesman for the Navy, told .com that the plane — a T6-B Texan II — took off from Naval Air Station Whiting Field, Florida, on Tuesday morning. The two occupants, a Navy instructor pilot and a student aviator, were forced to eject at around 10:50 a.m. local time.

    “The aircrew successfully ejected from the aircraft and are in the process of receiving medical attention,” Lobkowicz said in an email, adding that “no significant injuries have been reported at this time.”

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    The T-6B Texan II is a two-seat turboprop used to train Navy and Marine Corps pilots in flight school. The Navy operates almost the entirety of its 245-plane fleet out of Whiting Field and Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, Texas.

    The current version of the aircraft entered service with the Navy in 2010, a relatively recent addition for the military services, which frequently rely on aircraft that are decades old. Textron, the company that makes the plane, announced in the fall of 2022 that it had made 1,000 of the trainers for “13 and two North Atlantic Treaty Organization () flight schools.”

    The last time this plane model crashed was in 2020 when a T-6B also crashed in the same area of Alabama — about 45 miles of…

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