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    Germany’s Defense Minister Resigns Amid Ukraine Criticism

    Germany’s Defense Minister Resigns Amid Ukraine Criticism

    (AP) — 's much-criticized defense minister announced her resignation Monday, as her department steers the massive project of modernizing the country's and oversees expanding weapons deliveries to .

    Christine Lambrecht said in a written statement that she had submitted her resignation request to Chancellor Olaf Scholz, adding that “months of media focus on my person” had stood in the way of a factual debate about the military and Germany's security policy.

    “The valuable work of the soldiers and many people in my department must stand in the foreground,” she said.

    A spokesperson for Scholz said the chancellor had accepted Lambrecht's resignation.

    “The chancellor respects the decision by Ms. Lambrecht and thanks her for her good work in these difficult and challenging times,” Christiane Hoffmann told reporters in Berlin.

    She said a replacement would be announced “soon.”

    Hoffmann added that it was important to Scholz to ensure gender parity among ministers, but declined to comment on a possibility of a wider Cabinet reshuffle.

    The 57-year-old Lambrecht has been defense minister since Scholz became chancellor in December 2021. Critics have long portrayed her as out of her depth. But Scholz stood by her, describing her last month as “a first-class defense minister.” Pressure on her mounted recently after an ill-judged New Year's video message.


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