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    US, Japan Unveil Plans to Strengthen the Alliance

    US, Japan Unveil Plans to Strengthen the Alliance

    — The United States and Japan unveiled plans Wednesday to strengthen their alliance to help counter threats from North Korea and , which they called the greatest security challenge in the region.

    In unusually blunt terms, the U.S. and Japanese foreign and defense ministers condemned China's increasing aggressiveness in the Indo-Pacific and elsewhere, called out Russia for its war with Ukraine and castigated North Korea for ramping up its nuclear and missile programs.

    In a statement, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and their Japanese counterparts, Yoshimasa Hayashi and Yasukazu Hamada, said China presents an “unprecedented” threat to international order and vowed to redouble their efforts to counter it.

    “China's foreign policy seeks to reshape the international order to its benefit and to employ China's growing political, economic, military, and technological power to that end,” the statement said. “This behavior is of serious concern to the alliance and the entire international community, and represents the greatest strategic challenge in the Indo-Pacific region and beyond.”

    The four men agreed to adjust the American troop presence on the island of Okinawa in part to enhance anti-ship capabilities that would be needed in the event of a Chinese incursion into or other hostile acts in the South or East China seas.

    They also added a formal…

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