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    ‘Stick Around, We Need You’: The Navy Top Officer Opens Up About His Worry Over Suicide

    ‘Stick Around, We Need You’: The Navy Top Officer Opens Up About His Worry Over Suicide

    The Navy's top uniformed officer told a packed crowd of largely fellow Navy leaders and retired officers that one of the biggest problems that keeps him up at night is not or but the service's suicide problem.

    “I think it's the same thing that keeps [the master chief petty officer of the Navy] awake at night: It's suicides,” Adm. Michael Gilday, chief of naval operations, told an auditorium of more than a hundred people at the annual Surface Navy Association conference held in Alexandria, Virginia.

    “That problem, mental health, is a vexing problem for us,” he added.

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    Gilday's remarks come after a particularly challenging year for the Navy in terms of suicide and mental health and amid a push to add yet another resource to fight the problem — more chaplains.

    In April 2022, revealed that the George was experiencing a spate of suicides that went back months. The aircraft carrier had been in the shipyards undergoing a massive yearslong overhaul, and sailors described difficult working and living conditions after much of the crew had been ordered to move back aboard the ship.

    Despite initially being told that there was nothing the Navy could do about living conditions aboard the ship, less than two weeks after news of the suicides became public, the crew was offered a chance to move off the…

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