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    Marines Say New Uniform Orders on the Way Amid Shortages

    Marines Say New Uniform Orders on the Way Amid Shortages

    The Marine Corps is still facing shortages of uniforms, including the commonly worn combat utility blouse, but the service says relief is on the way.

    The Corps says that its uniform supplier will be shipping more blouses soon.

    Posts on social media have claimed the Marine Corps Exchange at Lejeune, North Carolina, has had a notice about a shortage of MARPAT — the term for the uniform's distinct pattern — up for months. When asked about the reports, Marine Corps spokesman Maj. Jim Stenger confirmed in an email Monday that availability of some service uniform items has been curtailed due to supply chain issues.

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    “In the case of the combat utility blouse, our vendor is currently shipping thousands more coats from its facility, which should alleviate some of the supply chain issues for that item,” Stenger wrote.

    This is not the only uniform item that has been affected by problems with the supply chain. In December, Marine Corps Times reported that the branch was forced to push back the required wear date of the new female dress blue coat because of shortages.

    Stenger told Marine Corps Times last month that the running suit, the men's long and short-sleeved khaki shirt, and the all-weather coat were also suffering supply shortages.

    The Corps is not the only branch dealing with a lack of uniform items in its stores.

    In late…

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