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    Trial Set for Black Soldier Suing Police Over Violent Stop

    Trial Set for Black Soldier Suing Police Over Violent Stop

    , Va. (AP) — A U.S. Army lieutenant who was pepper sprayed, struck and handcuffed by police in rural Virginia, but never arrested, will argue to a jury that he was assaulted and falsely imprisoned and that his vehicle was illegally searched.

    Video of the 2020 traffic stop got millions of views the next year after Caron Nazario filed the federal lawsuit that is now being heard, highlighting fears of mistreatment among Black drivers and intensifying the scrutiny of the boundaries of reasonable, and legal, police conduct.

    The episode also served as a grim signal to many Black Americans that uniforms don't necessarily protect against abuse of authority by law enforcement.

    The trial is scheduled to begin Monday in federal court in Richmond.

    Video shows Windsor police officers Daniel Crocker and Joe Gutierrez pointing handguns at a uniformed Nazario behind the wheel of his Chevy Tahoe at a gas station. The officers repeatedly commanded Nazario to exit his , with Gutierrez warning at one point that Nazario was “fixing to ride the lightning” when he didn't get out.

    Nazario held his hands in the outside the driver's side window and continually asked why he was being stopped.

    Nazario also said: “I'm honestly afraid to get out.”

    “You should be,” Gutierrez responded.

    Nazario stayed in the vehicle. Gutierrez went on to pepper spray him through the open window. Once Nazario exited the SUV, the…

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