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    Russia Says Phone Use Allowed Ukraine to Target its Troops

    Russia Says Phone Use Allowed Ukraine to Target its Troops

    KYIV, Ukraine — Unauthorized use of cell phones by Russian soldiers led to a deadly Ukrainian rocket attack on the facility where they were stationed, according to the Russian , as it raised the death toll from the weekend attack to 89.

    Gen. Lt. Sergei Sevryukov said in a statement late Tuesday that phone signals allowed Kyiv's forces to “determine the coordinates of the location of military personnel” and launch a strike.

    The Russian military is taking unspecified measures to “prevent similar tragic incidents in the future,” Sevryukov said, and promised to punish officials responsible for the blunder.

    The attack, one of the deadliest on the Kremlin's forces since the of the war over 10 months ago, occurred one minute into the new year, according to Sevryukov.

    It was the latest blow to the Kremlin's military prestige as it struggles to progress with its invasion of its neighbor and stirred renewed criticism inside of the way the war is being conducted amid a successful Ukrainian counteroffensive.

    Ukrainian forces fired six rockets from a U.S.-provided multiple launch system at a building “in the area of Makiivka” where the soldiers were stationed. Two rockets were downed but four hit the building and detonated, prompting the collapse of the structure.

    Details of the strike have trickled out in recent days.

    U.K. intelligence officials said Wednesday that Moscow's…

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