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    First Active-Duty Woman Earns Master Gunner Badge for Army’s Abrams Tanks

    First Active-Duty Woman Earns Master Gunner Badge for Army’s Abrams Tanks

    The first female active-duty soldier ever to graduate from a prestigious heavy armor course passed and graduated last month, the announced right before the calendar flipped to the year.

    Sgt. Cinthia Ramirez, a soldier at Hood's 1st Cavalry Division, passed the M1A2 Abrams Master Gunner Course, a 43-day school that teaches noncommissioned officers how to be weapons experts in heavy armored units across the Army.

    In a press release from the service, Ramirez described a difficult start to her Army career.

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    “I was always getting in trouble as a private because I never really had a goal for myself other than ‘get through this contract'. But once I got promoted and became a noncommissioned officer, everything changed,” she said in the release. “In the past, I had some examples of pretty bad leadership, and I told myself I did not want to be that type of leader.”

    The Master Gunner is critical for any line unit, especially in a tank unit where the Abrams and its capability is a point of pride and discipline for the tankers who operate them. Master Gunners advise unit commanders on their weapon systems and are the go-to subject matter experts.

    The course, which includes intensive education on broad vehicle issues ranging from maintenance to minutiae covering hydraulic systems and “gun tube technology” is…

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