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    Drone Advances in Ukraine Could Bring Dawn of Killer Robots

    Drone Advances in Ukraine Could Bring Dawn of Killer Robots

    , Ukraine — Drone advances in Ukraine have accelerated a long-anticipated technology trend that could soon bring the world's first fully autonomous fighting robots to the battlefield, inaugurating a age of warfare.

    The longer the war lasts, the more likely it becomes that drones will be used to identify, select and attack targets without help from humans, according to analysts, combatants and artificial intelligence researchers.

    That would mark a revolution in military technology as profound as the introduction of the machine gun. Ukraine already has semi-autonomous attack drones and counter-drone weapons endowed with AI. also claims to possess AI weaponry, though the claims are unproven. But there are no confirmed instances of a nation putting into combat robots that have killed entirely on their own.

    Experts say it may be only a matter of time before either Russia or Ukraine, or both, deploy them. The sense of inevitability extends to activists, who have tried for years to ban killer drones but now believe they must settle for trying to restrict the weapons' offensive use.

    Ukraine's digital transformation minister, Mykhailo Fedorov, agrees that fully autonomous killer drones are “a logical and inevitable next step” in weapons development. He said Ukraine has been doing “a lot of R&D in this direction.”

    “I think that the potential for this is great in the next six months,” Fedorov…

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