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    National Guard Checks Homes in Buffalo for Blizzard Victims

    National Guard Checks Homes in Buffalo for Blizzard Victims

    BUFFALO, N.Y. — The National Guard went door to door in parts of Buffalo on Wednesday to check on people who lost during the area's deadliest winter storm in decades, and authorities faced the tragic possibility of finding more victims amid melting snow.

    Already, more than three dozen deaths have been reported in western from the blizzard that raged Friday and Saturday across much of the country, with Buffalo in its crosshairs.

    Carolyn Eubanks, who relied on an oxygen machine, collapsed after losing electricity at her Buffalo home during a time when emergency workers were unable to respond to calls, son Antwaine Parker told The Buffalo News.

    “She's like, ‘I can't go no further.' I'm begging her, ‘Mom, just stand up.' She fell in my arms and never spoke another word,” Parker told the newspaper.

    Parker and his stepbrother knocked on nearby doors, seeking help. They found it when a stranger, David Purdy, answered and helped them carry the 63-year-old Eubanks inside and try in vain to revive her. Purdy and his fiancee sheltered her body until first responders arrived the next day.

    “I done it as respectful as I could,” Purdy told The Buffalo News.

    Timothy Murphy, 27, died after snow covered a furnace and sent carbon monoxide into his Lockport home, the Niagara County sheriff's office said. Monique Alexander, 52, was found buried in snow after going out in the storm for…

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