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    Military Grounds Some F-35s Following Crash in Texas

    Military Grounds Some F-35s Following Crash in Texas

    Some models of the F-35 Lightning II are being investigated and grounded by the services following a crash in Texas earlier this month that forced the pilot to eject from the runway.

    The F-35 Program Office, or JPO, told in an emailed statement Wednesday that one-time inspections have been ordered for certain models “while the investigation into the mishap on December 15 continues” but did not disclose numbers or any other specifics.

    “The affected aircraft have been identified,” a statement from the JPO read. “This is a preliminary assessment of the risk, and actions are in work that we believe will lead to a refinement of this assessment in January 2023. The safety of flight crews is the JPO's primary concern.”

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    The recent groundings are roughly two weeks removed from the Dec. 15 incident in which an F-35B Lightning II crashed during a vertical landing at Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Worth.

    That crash followed a string of incidents and mishaps this year ranging from ejection seat supply issues to a high-profile recovery of an F-35 that crashed in the ocean.

    But those incidents will likely not raise a lot of red flags in Congress or the Pentagon, according to Jeremiah Gertler, a senior associate with the Center for Strategic and International Studies think tank in , D.C., who specializes in…

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