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    Marine Colonel Awards Medal to Corporal Who Saved His Life

    Marine Colonel Awards Medal to Corporal Who Saved His Life

    A Marine colonel is alive today thanks to the quick thinking and medical training of a young corporal who happened to be nearby when the officer's heart stopped beating.

    In an award ceremony Dec. 16, 2022, that officer — Col. Carlos Urbina — presented Cpl. Chase Portello with a Navy Commendation Medal for his lifesaving actions on Nov. 14.

    In an interview transcript provided by the Marine Corps, both men described being in a small restaurant on the Marine at Quantico, Virginia. “I was feeling unwell, but I thought nothing of it,” Urbina said.

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    “I came to find out later that I actually went into sudden cardiac arrest,” he added.

    That's when Air Capt. Jennifer Fields stepped in to provide aid. Seeing a fellow Marine in distress, Portello, who has EMT training from his time working with a fire department, offered to help.

    When neither could find a pulse, the young Marine said that “we started CPR,” adding that they “kept switching on and off from who is doing compressions and breaths.”

    According to his award citation, the two rendered aid for around 30 minutes until more help arrived.

    Both service members' quick thinking meant that Urbina is alive today. “According to the doctors, the fact that CPR was initiated immediately directly contributed to my survival,” the colonel explained.

    After he recovered, Urbina wanted to thank everyone who helped save his…

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