‘About 100’ Afghan Evacuees Reportedly Flagged for Possible Ties to Taliban, Terrorist Groups


More than 122,000 people were airlifted out of Kabul’s international airport in the last two weeks of August, among them at least 5,000 Americans, several thousand US troops, and thousands of foreign military personnel and nationals – mostly from western nations’ shuttered diplomatic missions. About 30,000 of the evacuees have been taken to the US.

About 10,000 of the 30,000 Afghan evacuees taken to the United States need additional screening, with 100 of them flagged for possible connections to the Taliban* or global terror groups, and requiring further review, NBC News reports, citing two sources said to be familiar with the situation.

According to the sources, at least two evacuees will be sent to Kosovo. They did not specify what Kosovo facility they were referring to. However, the United States has operated Camp Bondsteel, a sprawling US military facility, on the disputed Serbian territory since 1999. UN and European officials have previously compared the prison at the base with Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and reporters have alleged that the Camp Bondsteel base may also contain a secret CIA black site detention and torture facility. US officials have denied the latter allegations.

An unnamed security official confirmed that the vetting of Afghan nationals is taking place both overseas and on US soil.

US officials previously said that emergency shelter facilities had been prepared for up to 50,000 Afghan…

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