When Surveillance Turns To Termination: New Zealand Attack Has Chilling Echoes Of Incident In London

In February 2020 Sudesh Amman was shot dead by police officers after he stabbed two people in a south London street. In September 2021 a man was shot dead by police in New Zealand after stabbing six people in a supermarket. Both had been under surveillance.

The Countdown supermarket in Auckland may be 11,000 miles from Streatham High Road in south London but the similarities between Friday’s incident and the one which led to police officers gunning down Sudesh Amman on 2 February 2020 are obvious.

New Zealand Police Commissioner Andrew Coster said a police surveillance team and a specialist tactics group followed the suspect, a Sri Lankan national, from his home to the supermarket at around 2.40pm on Friday afternoon.

​The man then shouted “Allahu Akbar (God is Great)” and began stabbing random shoppers with the knife he had just picked up.

He said two of the police officers tailing the man confronted him and when he charged at them with the knife they shot and killed him.

Sudesh Amman, 20, was under 24-hour surveillance by armed officers when he grabbed a 20cm kitchen knife from a shop before running out and stabbing two people in Streatham High Road, south London on 2 February 2020.

While there are differences with the Streatham attack – the Auckland attacker is not believed to have been a convicted terrorist – the similarities are shocking.

In both cases an individual who was known to pose a threat to society walked into a shop, picked up a knife and began…

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