Iran Confirms Readiness to Sell More Fuel to Lebanon if Necessary Following Watershed Deal

Middle East

Washington has sought to stop shipments of sanctioned Iranian fuel from making their way to Lebanon, a nominal US ally. Fuel deliveries to economically-struggling, energy-starved country were made possible as a result of a deal between Iran and Hezbollah, a major Lebanese political force which the US considers a ‘terrorist’ organization.

Iran is prepared to sell more fuel to the Lebanese government or individual Lebanese businessmen if necessary, Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian has announced.

Bassil was said to have thanked Iran for its agreement to sell the fuel to Lebanon, and blasted political forces which he said have sought to “starve” the Lebanese people for the sake of their political ambitions.

Lebanon has been struck by crippling fuel shortages caused by a lack of funds in the face of an ongoing economic crisis exacerbated by political turmoil, the coronavirus and the massive ammonium nitrate blast that destroyed a large section of Beirut’s port last year. A recent government decision to cancel fuel subsidies led to a 70 percent increase in petroleum prices.

The first vessel containing Iranian fuel bound for Lebanon reportedly entered Syrian waters on Thursday, with reports indicating that the cargo will be delivered to Lebanon via tanker trucks. At least two more Iranian tanker ships are expected to deliver additional fuel to the country using the same method. The first…

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